Chapter 4: Phase Queen at the IO Pavilion

Season 1 Finale. When Joe and Tau go to see intergalactic pop-sensation Phase Queen at the IO Pavilion, they leave the bar open to a duo of sinister visitors. Everyone sends letters. Thanks for the great season!


Directed by Thierry Denis
Written by Chris O’Keeffe.
Mix and sound design by Daniel Tureck
Main theme song “Satellite Girls” by Love like Deloreans

Music supervision by YouTooCanWoo. Check them out at


Tau Neutrino played by Beth Gallagher

Hektor the Vector played by Mike Sears

Flynn played by Robert Guerra

Rover played by Rachel Beck

Dilapida played by Jordan Cobb

Dallas McLaughlin as AM1

Joe the Bartender played by Chris O’Keeffe
Jennora Dodonna played by Jill Rogers-Jensen

Matt Howell as The Courrier

Kevin Carranza as Murray the Space Custodian

GG Hawkins as Phase Queen

featuring Angela Lee Belleville as the shuttle voice

Our Executive Producers are:
Thierry Denis
Patrick Yurick
Chris O’Keeffe
Our Producers are:
Luke Piedad
Lea W├╝lferth
T.H. Ponders
Robert Guerra

Recorded by T.H. Ponders, Olivia Henrikson,Thierry Denis and Chris O’Keeffe


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