Presenting: Civilized

Hey everyone! We wanted to shout out one of our favorite shows from a truly wonderful group of creative powerhouses: Civilized! (They won a Webby, which is more than we can say).

You might recognize the voice of Sean Howard, who played the job-seeking, brood-feeding, moon dust-addicted party boi MELTROCULON in Chapter 1 of Jupiter Saloon.

Please enjoy this episode, and show them some love by liking/following/reviewing/rating over here.


Episode 1: Rain

Stranded on an unknown planet, Beatrix builds a shelter, while Bob does his best to help — and a new threat descends from above.

Starring Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski, Mbula Enobong and Sean Howard.
Sound design: Eli McIlveen
Cover art: David Demaret
Announcers: Marisa King and Michael Howie

Content warning: screaming, violence, death and body horror.